Key Takeaways from “Strategies for Success in an Uncertain Job Market”

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Panel Discussion - Strategies for Success in an Uncertain Job MarketKey Takeaways from “Strategies for Success in an Uncertain Job Market”

On February 3, 2021 HAWS-KM attorney, Kathleen Curtis participated as a panelist for the MSBA’s New Lawyer Division sharing career advice with law students and new graduates entering the field. Their top piece of advice: network, network, network. Whether you do informational interviews via Zoom or chat with opposing counsel after a hearing, making connections with others in the industry is the best way to find employment opportunities—outside of formal on-campus interviews. While networking can be challenging during a pandemic, there are still opportunities to connect.

The panel also discussed the importance of resiliency. They stressed not being afraid to ask for feedback on how you could become a better candidate if you are not selected for a position. Potential employers will recognize your humility and drive to improve, and it may elevate you to the top of the list for the next opening.